Corporate website development for IT-company

Location: Bothell, Washington, USA
Industry: Internet Technologies
Solution: Corporate websites
  • html5
  • css3
  • php
  • jquery
  • javascript
  • SCSS
  • Git
  • Joomla

About the company

The main Ispirer's activity is the automated conversion of programming and SQL languages.

Clients of the company may choose software for migration/conversion, as well as use the services of high-quality technical support.

Business goals

In order to increase loyalty to the brand Ispirer and automate business processes, the company’s management decided to develop a new website, namely, upgrade the version of the management system, design a new interface and additional software modules.


The website is one of the main marketing tools of the company Ispirer. In order to provide the business with a steady stream of customers, the company's specialists have created and improved unique content for several years. Therefore, we knew the importance of UX-design in this project.

After we studied the target audience, the industry and the numerous pages on the site, we created a new interface. While remaining fairly conservative, the new design of the website allows the Ispirer to stand out from the competition.

UI-elements have a modular structure, i.e. most logical blocks can be embedded in any part of the page. We also designed a set of unique vector icons to improve the perception of content.

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