We offer a range of services for developing solutions for your web and mobile applications, as well as optimizing and supporting existing backend systems

Backend services


Gresbi provides services to develop API for mobile and web applications, public APIs to access information from your service by third-party applications.


Modern projects are complex systems that also use services of third-party services, such as payment systems, delivery services, geo-services, cloud storage for data storage and others.


We undertake the finalization of the current project, we will refactor the code, optimize the system and correct system errors.


All time we raise the level of expertise of our team, follow the trends and quality standards

php php
modx modx
codeigniter codeigniter
laravel laravel
mysql mysql
mongo mongo
postgresql postgresql
redis redis
magento magento
prestashop prestashop
wordpress wordpress
yii yii
symfony symfony
zend zend

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