People and processes

The development methodologies of Gresbi are mainly focused on the result. Flexible development methodologies allow us to achieve results in the shortest time.


Our team uses the best global software development strategies. Using “Agile” allows you to get results already in the early stages of development and make adjustments in further processes.

Flexibility and result

What are the advantages of a flexible approach in development of complex products? With the classical approach, the ultimate goal is set and after planning team starts to develop. Since the goal is far from the starting point and requires a lot of time, in the development process it can move or change. Flexible methodologies allow you to make adjustments to processes and tasks. This way we achieve the desired goal.


We use the methodology of sprints (short iterations of development). The length of the sprint depends on the tasks of the project, usually 1-2 weeks. This methodology allows you to receive working prototypes in the shortest time and receive timely feedback, and also allows the customer to see the real state of things.

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