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Less words, more business

"Less words, more business" - it was this slogan that became the basis for developing a start-up from Germany. The owner of the project has set the task before us: to automate the process of buying photographic equipment for resale.

We created an interface in which there is nothing superfluous, only that will help the user to sell his goods as quickly as possible.

The main tool of the user is the search string.We managed to realize the search in the catalog, which in the case of entering the product name misspelled or "exemplary" title will look the most similar position.


At the next stage, the user uses the web service to estimate state of the equipment he sells and obtain a cost calculation. This solution allowed us to save time for the client and the managers of the company .

We automated the delivery of parcels from the seller to the office of the company using the API services DHL. Fotocash24 generates an address label to place it on the parcel.

As a solution to optimize the process of registration and evaluation of the received goods in the company's warehouse, we realized the automatic generation of accompanying documents for shipment that the seller sends together with the photo-equipment.


All time we raise the level of expertise of our team, follow the trends and quality standards

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